PAX 13: Exploring the Dark in Daylight

Waking up with no idea where you are is pretty common. We’ve probably all had that happen at some point in time. Well, in Daylight, a new game in development by Zombie Studios, you’ll experience that same discomfort and confusion. This time it all takes place in an abandoned hospital. Oh yeah, and it’s haunted.

Players only have a cell phone to illuminate their path as they try to escape. Throughout the building are spirits who will attempt to keep you from leaving. Along the way are secrets hidden around the halls and offices. At least there will be flares and glowsticks to reveal those secrets, perhaps if your phone runs out of juice. Another feature that builds the scare factor is that no two playthroughs are the same. Anytime you reload an area, it could have more or less enemies in your way. Better be prepared.

No word yet on what happened to cause all this, or why you’re even there in the first place, but whatever happened it ain’t good. The game, however, is looking good thanks to Zombie Studios, the folks behind the Blacklight series…guess they have a thing for lights. Either way, Daylight is supposed to release for PC sometime this year. View the trailer below — when it’s light out, of course.