Kickstarter Hands-on: Humans Must Answer

You know what’s awesome?  Flying left to right and decimating everything in your path with a large variety of destructive firepower is awesome.  Humans Must Answer is a horizontal shooter made squarely in the European tradition, complete with a life bar, the ability to buy new weapons and weapon power-ups, and saving your progress between the game’s many levels.  It’s also, as evidenced by the demo available on the Kickstarter page, a whole lot of fun.

You fly a eagle-shaped ship piloted by chicken-aliens seeking a word or two with humanity about their inexplicably hostile nature.  This requires guns and explosions, of course, because humans just don’t want to hear it.  Working your way from the outer solar system to the inner planets, you do the usual flying and shooting, blasting everything in your path while keeping an eye on energy and ammo reserves.  There’s plenty to go around if you don’t hammer endlessly on the trigger, but it may take an attempt or two at the level to get a sense of when to shoot most efficiently.  Surviving a few levels to buy some upgrades, however, can go a long way towards having enough firepower to find all the hidden silver and gold eggs in each level, which are necessary to earn that 100% rating.


Despite the low target of 5,000 GBP, the Kickstarter is moving somewhat slowly, and could use some attention.  The demo shows off a very Euro shooter, in the spirit of Tyrian and Jets ‘n’ Guns.  It’s a bit slower than the high-speed bullet hell that dominates the arcade shooter of today, but still a load of good, solid, shooty entertainment.  Plus it’s cheap, which is always attractive.  At the very least the demo is free, so check it out and decide if it’s worth helping Humans Must Answer meet its tiny funding target.