Disgaea 3 For Vita Free on PSN, Square Enix and THQ Sales Start Tomorrow

The PS Blog announced some exciting news today – Disgaea 3 for the Vita will be free on the service tomorrow. Beyond the free D3, there’s also a Square-Enix sale that drops the price of several games in half, and a tad further if you’re a Plus member. Those with that ill be able to get Just Cause 2 for $9, Kane and Lynch for $6.74, Kane and Lynch 2 for $9, and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light for $6.74.

There will also be a sale on some THQ legacy games, with Darksiders II being $28, its OST is $2.50, MX vs ATV Alive is $10, Red Faction: Armageddon and Guerrilla being $5 each, Red Faction: Battlegrounds is $2.50, Costume Quest, Stacking, and De Blob 2 for a bit under $4 for Plus members. EscapeVektor for the Vita will be $5 as well, and gets a whole 50 cent discount beyond that for Plus members.