Ecco the Dolphin Team Reunites for The Big Blue Kickstarter

Fans of the original Ecco the Dolphin games on the Genesis and the still-impressive Ecco the Dolphin Dreamcast (and later PS2) game will be happy to hear that some of the team is back for a new underwater adventure game called The Big Blue. Since Sega owns Ecco’s name, this project won’t bear that moniker, but its goal is to be the next evolution of that same kind of idea, only with a life exploration theme – making it more of a sim game that will work different parts of your brain than the old action/puzzle gameplay. The team’s goal is to use artificial life technology to make the in-game world seem more realistic, and have everything in it react to its surroundings. Realistic animations will be used, and their game is to make the game’s audio immersive and emotional.

A pledge of $10 gets you into the game’s credits as a backer and access to exclusive art and videos. $15 more gets you access to demo and prototype versions of the game, as well as the full game when it is finished. You’ll also get one random creature card. $50 gets you two of those cards and the first track of the musical score, while $100 gets you a rare creature card, the OST, the game, adn the ability to name an NPC character in the game. Higher tiers are available, but those are the most accessible ones for potential backers.