Etrian Odyssey News Coming This Week

According to Atlus’ Japanese Twitter account, this week’s Famitsu’s magazine will reveal some interesting news regarding the Etrian Odyssey franchise. Coincidentally enough, this bit of information came at the same time Etrian Odyssey III director Shigeo Komori tweeted that the Etrian Odyssey game he’s currently working on is almost complete.

“It has been approximately 3 years since EOIII,” he said. “As the director, I feel the game I am developing is finally approaching completion.” Komori goes on to say that his new game is a project that experiments with new things with the goal of creating a “new” Etrian Odyssey.”

There you have it, folks. Even though the fourth installment in the series was released to glowing reviews just last month, the franchise is far from over. Thus, keep an ear to the ground for more details as they come down the pipe.