Amazon Gold Box Gaming Event Today

Amazon’s Gold Box is back to focusing on gaming, and the deal of the day is on the Tomb Raider reboot – for $42, any console version of it can be yours. Past deals today have included Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection for $15, with Black Ops II at $35 coming soon. Hints for other deals are a tad vague, but at least one deal will be made available for NFS: Most Wanted. No version or price was announced for that, but with a hint including the text “Most Wanted”, it seems safe to assume some kind of savings will be offered.Tomb Raider is one of this gen’s best Uncharted-style games, so $42 is a great price for it. It is worth noting though that it can be beaten in a couple of days, and the multi-player isn’t exactly a highlight, so it might be best to wait for a further price drop before plunking down some money for it.