Guacamelee! Coming Out on April 9

Guacamelee!, the lucha-themed side-scrolling action-platformer is set for release on April 9 for the PS3 and Vita. Beyond having a really unique art style with sharp designs and no black outlines for the characters, it’s also got parallel stages – one for the world of the living and the other for the world of the dead.  For $15, you’ll be able to get the game on launch, perhaps a bit cheaper if there’s a week one discount, and as a pleasant surprise, it includes Cross Buy as well.

As a result, your money will go further for this game, and thanks to Cross Save, your save data will carry over from one version to the next. As a fan of both action-platformers and wacky lucha character designs, this looks like something that’s right in my wheelhouse, and I’m looking forward to playing this in a couple of weeks.