PAX East 13: Be on the Lookout for Watch Dogs

Every household probably has a television and telephone. Others have all kinds of gadgets or gizmos like smart phones, mp3 players, laptops and video game consoles. You can’t go anywhere nowadays without seeing people texting or plugging a Bluetooth in their ear. Because the world has been so attached with technology within the last decade, it’s caused unforeseen problems which would have never existed in the past. Watch Dogs, a new title from Ubisoft, capitalizes on our obsession with technology and how powerful a weapon it truly is.


You’ll play as Aiden Pearce, an extremely skilled hacker, who uses both fists and wits to bring justice to an interconnected world. You will have the ability to control every aspect of the CtOS (Central Operating System) which is a supercomputer powering the technology of a smart city. The manipulation of traffic lights, security cameras and power grids are all at your fingertips. You can turn an entire city into a weapon against itself. Aiden is obsessed with surveillance and monitors his family 24/7 without them knowing, to protect them from something that happened in the past. Unfortunately, they will find themselves in danger and Aiden will take justice into his own hands and push his obsession beyond its limits.

In the city, you will be able to tap into every mobile phone and computer in search of secrets or hack their bank accounts to fund your operation. If you stop traffic lights, some people may die. Whatever action you decide to take will be recorded by the media. Citizens in the game listen to the news which could create a more intense mode of play for you. The gravity of each situation will be felt.


Causing harm to others and messing around with their information aren’t the only options. Some events may occur in which you can help somebody in distress. Early footage shows Aiden coming to the aide of a woman who was attacked. He follows her to a location, confronts the aggressor and chases him down. Another example of Aiden’s somewhat heroic duties shows him attempting to assassinate a media mogul who was wrongly acquitted of murder. Aiden Pearce is much more than a hacker and somehow gains access to secured police lines and uses their system against them. Every move Aiden makes is being monitored by a secret organization who may or may not be affiliated with him. This situation reaches a much higher level than even the police may be aware of.

Fans of open-world games will find Watch Dogs offering more than just a technologically centered experience. Combat mixes stealth, parkour and third-person shooting to balance the action. Watch Dogs is supposedly being released around the holiday season for PS3, PS4, Wii U, PC, and Xbox 360.