Persona 4 Arena Soundtrack Comes to Vinyl

Video game soundtracks are awesome. We don’t care what anyone else says on the matter, we know one-hundred percent, without a shadow of a doubt that a soundtrack can almost make or break a gameplay experience. But what’s better than playing a game with rocking music? Listening to said rocking music in one’s car, on one’s portable media device or on one’s base-thumping stereo. One game series that has always been known for encompassing a whole host of sounds is the Shin Megami series. With pulsating rock anthems and haunting hymns, Atlus’ famed JRPG franchise boasts one of the most unique and diverse soundtracks around. Regardless of which installment is in question, Shin Megami’s production values in the department of audio presentation are top notch.

Persona 4 Arena, while not the traditional Shin Megami title thanks to its fighting-based gameplay instead of typical RPG orientation, is no exception to the rule outlined above. Persona Arena sports one of the slickest, most heart-pounding OSTs in the business; perfect for making palms and brows sweaty, the tunes accompanying the brilliant fighter are Grade A sweetness. Interestingly enough, folks in Europe have never gotten a chance to play the game on their native consoles. Atlus hopes to remedy that as they release the game in May across the PAL territories. The well-known UK-based gaming store, GAME, is offering up something of an incredible pre-order bonus for interested parties looking to pick up Persona 4 Arena; instead of dishing out some lame arranged soundtrack in a flimsy cardboard sleeve, those who pre-order the title through GAME will net themselves the game’s regular CD-based OST, along with a 12″ vinyl copy. That’s right, pre-ordering the game grants players a freaking record of the game’s arranged soundtrack.

Right now, P4A is retailing for roughly $60 at GAME, though we suspect that this gem of a pack-in bonus will go quickly and then magically turn up on Ebay in a month’s time for a pretty mark-up. For the hardcore fans out there, we suggest getting your paws on a copy of this pronto; after all, it’s not everyday we get a game soundtrack on vinyl record.