XCOM Will Be Available for iOS Devices

XCOM: Enemy Unknown has not been making the news lately but it’s not because Firaxis Games is kicking back and relaxing after releasing their popular title last year. The team is cooking up some mobile apps allowing fans to play the entire,  full game on their iPads and iPhones. The game graphics look great and action seems to run smoothly. Controls had to be scaled down of course but have been implemented in clever ways. XCOM for iOS is all taping and swiping; instead of moving a control stick, you’ll slide your finger through the names of your soldiers in order to choose one. You can even rotate the playing field in one quick swipe. Sure, your fingers might get tired but at least you’ll be able to play wherever and whenever you want, just keep a charger nearby. The game is still a few months from being finished but you can check out this brief demonstration from Jake Soloman, lead designer for the title.