Hitman: Absolution $10 on Steam Until Monday

Has there been a game on sale more times than Hitman: Absolution? It seems like every other week, the game is discounted in some form or fashion, and now Steam’s weekend sale drops its price down from $40 to a mere $10. TEN FREAKING DOLLARS. For the cost of two Starbucks coffees or an entirely too large meal at McDonald’s, you can get this game.

Even as someone with a mid-level PC, I’m tempted to snatch it up for that price because I seriously doubt it will be any cheaper. The base game is $10, but if you spend $2.50 more, you’ll get the Professional Edition with some extra goodies, while just $2.50 more on top of that gets you the Hitman Collection. So yeah, there are tons of savings for virtual hitmen until April 1.