Demon’s Souls Free for Playstation Plus Users

Now there’s absolutely no excuse why you shouldn’t own this game. Unless this is an incredibly disappointing April Fools joke by Sony, they have announced that tomorrow, From Software’s best game will be available for absolutely nothing if you own a Playstation Plus membership. Demon’s Souls just recently hit the Playstation Store with an already incredibly value of $19.99, but now Playstation Plus users won’t even have to break out their wallets.

Along with Demon’s Souls, SideQuest Studios will also have their games featured as all the content for Soldner-X and Rainbow Moon will be reduced by an upwards of 70%. I know I can definitely recommend Rainbow Moon for half off. Additionally, The Walking Dead is on sale, and the next batch of  PS+ freebies for April have been announced: Malicious, Labyrinth Legends, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny and Zombie Tycoon 2. For the full details, head over to Playstation’s Blog.