New Killer is Dead Trailer Released – Mayhem and Comedy Showcased

Suda51’s games are known for being a tad bit…bat$#!^ crazy, and the trailer for Killer is Dead shows that off wonderfully. It’s got “Ride of the Valkyries” blaring while all sorts of craziness ensues. It’s got robot arms, eyes, wine and oh yeah, a stolen Earth too. There are also aliens — GIANT ALIENS, in fact. No enemy crabs (yet) though. There is a woman who spawns TWELVE arms, all with guns though. She could probably kill a giant enemy crab with little effort come to think of it.

KiD isn’t a sequel to Killer 7, but carries on its visual style quite well, and its mix of violence and comedy reminds me of Cowboy Bebop, with a big Lupin the Third vibe at the end with the jazz soundtrack and tongue-in-cheek “next episode” announcement. KiD is set for release late in the year, so if you like crazy games with some comedy and violence, pre-order this ASAP.