This Pauline Donkey Kong Cabinet Variant Needs to Happen

Curse you, April Fool’s Day. Not only do you scare PR folk from sending out legitimate press releases, making our job much harder (maybe we’ll spend the day reminiscing about Taco Bell games), but you taunt us with fake announcements and then crush us when we realize they aren’t real. After all the hubbub over the Donkey Kong Pauline hack, this mod seemed like a natural enough extension that it *almost* got us. Over at KLOV, a Pauline Art Package was announced for Donkey Kong Cabinets, including a pink/purple bezel, CPO, Side Art and Bezel. Art-wise, the scheme is the same as the original, except Mario is the one in trouble and Pauline his savior. This all over a custom-painted purple cabinet.

With all the Pauline hype, this actually *could* sell well, so bringing it to fruition isn’t the worst idea. Until then, however, we’ll have to be content with mock-ups of what could have been.

Ah well, at least we haven’t mis-reported any prank as truth (yet).