It Will Always Be Stealth Bastard In Our Hearts

Stealth Bastard was originally a freeware game that was popular enough to earn a full Steam release.  It’s a 2D stealth action game where you need to move fast rather than creep slowly, staying out of sight of the patrolling robots and using the various environment triggers to solve the level.  It’s a simple, fun, devious stealth platformer, and now it’s on the way to PS3 and Vita.

Apparently “Bastard” is a bit harsh for Sony’s store, however, so that needs to change, and what better way to come up with a new name than by letting the fan community in on it?  While it’s true that topping Stealth Bastard: Tactical Espionage Arsehole is just about impossible, it needs to be done for a console release.  To make overwriting the name less painful, however, Curve Studios is giving away a Vita to whoever comes up with the winning entry.  And as long as you’re there, check out the original freeware version of the game, still available by clicking on the Original Free Version text way down on the bottom right of this page.