PS Store Update Goes Live

This week’s PlayStation Store update is now live, and brings with it new games and classics alike. Defiance hits for $60, while Ion Assault is $2, and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge is only $40 – and includes some DLC to boot. Demon’s Souls is free for PS+ users, while The Walking Dead gets a discount down to $3 for each episode. Rainbow Moon is $8, while its Premium bundle is only 80 cents more. Injustice: Gods Among Us gets a free demo, and there’s now an Epix app available for video viewing.

There are some permanent price drops to be aware of as well, like LocoRoco 2 being one of the many games dropping in price by $2, while more significant savings are available for WipEout Pure and Ratchet and Clank Size Matters since they’re $10 instead of $16. There’s also a Tomb Raider sale that takes the original game down to $5, while TR 2 and 3 are oddly $2 cheaper, as is the Last Revelation, while the PSP version of Anniversary is $6.50.