New Infinite Crisis Trailers Showcase Nightmare Batman, Wonder Woman

From what we played of Infinite Crisis at GDC, it was pretty great. It combines the addictiveness of a great MOBA with the talent of Turbine and appeal of DC universe assets. As the game is well on its way to being completed, it’s no surprise lengthy gameplay videos are beginning to surface. Profiling Nightmare Batman and Wonder Woman, both videos show off plenty of skills and abilities both heroes have. Glowing red and animalistic, the feral hunter Nightmare Batman is an intimidating force on the battlefield with the Vampire Batarang, Bat Swarm, Savagery, Feral Embrace and more at his disposal. Don’t let the tiara, tights and lasso fool you, however, as Wonder Woman looks to be a strong force with Amazonian Prowess, Lasso Grab, Blocking Bracers and more.

Check out both trailers below and head over here to sign up for the beta.