The Knife of Dunwall: Dishonored DLC This Month

A few months back, Dishonored came out with some extra content but this time it’s in-depth. The Knife of Dunwall expansion introduces two storyline campaigns, new characters, weapons and more. Play as Daud as he seeks redemption for murdering Empress Jessamine. Daud is very similar to Corvo but he’s got a few dark tricks up his sleeve. The official Facebook page for the game has a bevvy of images including the recently added icons for its achievements. The DLC will be released in only a couple of weeks—April 16 to be exact. It’s coming to PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 at the same time and all for a cool ten bucks.

There will be more expansions in the future which will then conclude the Daud storyline. In the meantime, check out this video shared on Dishonored’s Facebook. Perhaps Hollywood could get a hold of it.