EA Deemed Worst Company in America

Remember the whole server situation for EA’s SimCity? Well, that was enough to garner the gaming giant as the worst company in the entire country (again). To earn this ranking, users visit The Consumerist—an online consumer magazine, and vote in a bracket setting between two companies. There were a total of 32 companies in the opening round, some repeats from last year. Out of them all, did EA really deserve being named the worst?

Millions of gamers were disappointed with the launch of SimCity and early shutdowns of servers earlier in the year are of course, a serious blow to EA. However, there were some companies in the poll who exhibited worse behavior and extreme dissatisfaction from consumers. Patrons aboard recent cruise ships were exposed to harsh conditions; power outages, no running water and lack of food put those people in jeopardy and risk of serious illness or injury. Social media sites, banks and package delivery services were also in the running. These companies are entrusted with private/personal information which becomes leaked or stolen. Even a couple of airlines were listed—once again, responsible for the protection of thousands of passengers and property.

How could a video game company be considered the worst company when so many others have had much more devastating consequences to the public. How does not being able to play a game even begin to compare to possible loss of human lives. Where do the priorities lie in those who voted, or even the website hosting the poll?

EA’s Chief Operating Officer, Peter Moore, weighed in on the results. He stated, “Every day, millions of people across the globe play and love our games – literally, hundreds of millions more than will vote in this contest. So here’s my response to this poll: we can do better.  We will do better.  But I am damn proud of this company, the people around the globe who work at EA, the games we create and the people that play them.”