Game of the Month: March

Two of the strongest back-to-back months in this generation of gaming, February and March both posted some stellar titles. March was home to such gems as Terraria, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Monster Hunter and many more. Of course, BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider were the two standouts of the month and battled it out with some of the aforementioned games for the crown of Game of the Month for March. Unfortunately, SimCity was not in contention.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon


“The Year of Luigi”, as Iwata proclaimed, began with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – the follow-up to the GC launch title a decade in the making. The light-hearted horror title brings back environmental puzzles that provide enough challenge for older players, while not being too frustrating for younger ones. Secrets abound for those willing to explore the world, while Luigi’s flashlight>ghost vaccuum combo works shockingly well without a second stick thanks to using either the stylus or gyrosope to aim. Anyone who loved the original will enjoy its long-coming sequel.

Gears of War: Judgment


Gears of War Judgment saw some major changes to the franchise, and a majority of them were for the best. While reactions to the single player campaign were more mixed, the multiplayer was met with near universal acclaim. Overrun mode alone should keep you playing for months, and there is enough variety in the other multiplayer modes to make Judgment nearly endlessly replayable. Judgment might not be the best game in the series, but it is a very strong entrant and pretty much a must buy for anyone who has been following Gears of War thus far.

Dead or Alive 5 Plus


DOA 5+ offers Vita owners the chance to experience nearly everything that made the console versions so amazing. The wacky solo campaign has been retained, as has online play, and no sacrifices have been made to the lush visuals. The animation is still really smooth, and the only thing suffered in the transition to the small screen is the loss of the tag mode. Anyone looking to kick some virtual ass (or stare at it) on the go, should check it out ASAP.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider was a serious contender for Game of the Month, which is pretty incredible considering it was up against BioShock Infinite. While since the moment concept art was revealed for the game, the collective gaming world agreed it looked good, we didn’t think it’d be this good. An incredibly cinematic experience, Tomb Raider is an intense game featuring some of the most grueling experiences a hero has ever gone through — let alone a heroine. Visually ravishing environments, great gameplay and a intriguing story in the vein of Robinson Crusoe add up to something special we never thought we’d get to experience this generation.

Winner: BioShock Infinite


Given how much of the original promotional material isn’t actually in Bioshock Infinite, or at least has been significantly modified, it’s hard to deny that Irrational Games had trouble fulfilling their vision during the course of development. Regardless, this is a game that everyone should experience. Whether or not you enjoy first-person shooters is not a concern as the story and interactions with Elizabeth are what shine the brightest. Fantastic gameplay mechanics, a compelling storyline from start to finish, and an inspiringly beautiful world all come together to create something worthy of high praise. Congratulations Irrational Games; who would have thought you’d be able to top yourselves.

As an added bonus, our editors named their personal favorites:

  • Steve: Tomb Raider
  • Beck: BioShock Infinite
  • Jeremy: Tomb Raider
  • James: Terraria (Xbox 360)
  • Bradly: BioShock Infinite
  • Nikola: BioShock Infinite