Another JRPG Comes to PSP This Summer from Natsume

A while back, a little known JRPG entitled Fantasy Chronicles slipped under gamers’ radars when it was released on iOS and Android devices. Despite being grossly overlooked, developer Kemco’s turn-based roleplaying game was a delightful, throwback experience reminiscent of gems like Dragon Quest and Phantasy Star. Recognizing its potential, and obvious need to reach a larger fanbase, publisher Natsume sought out the game’s creator and negotiated its re-release on PSP under the new name, “Mystic Chronicles.” Since these talks, Natsume has gone on the record to discuss their excitement about bringing this roleplaying endeavor to the devout Sony handheld market, but only recently confirmed a summer release window. No word yet on whether or not the game will be made available on Vita as well, but one can assume it will be, given the recent trend of that sort of thing happening regularly.

In Mystic Chronicles players assume the role of Lux, a boy adopted by a small village, who joins the Guardians Guild to protect his home. However, his mission and destiny quickly change when he encounters a young girl who is in need of his help. While this story hook may not sound all that original, it would appear that Mystic Chronicles is certainly going for a retro-style experience, and that includes offering a somewhat familiar narrative. Nevertheless, scope the screenshots below for a brief glimpse at the game, and don’t say we never gave you anything.