Dark Souls II Gameplay Revealed in 12-Minute Demo

FromSoftware gave us some tantalizing screenshots of the upcoming Dark Souls II a while back. In those images, we were treated to a world that looked familiar yet delightful; but only so much of a Souls game can be captured in stills. Knowing this, and recognizing fans’ insatiable desire to see the actual game in motion, FromSoftware have released footage today of title in a 12-minute demo reel. In this video, players are treated to segments on combat, story and the game’s environment. It would seem, however, that the latter is a primary focus here, showcasing the overhauled graphics of a beautiful world that eerily resembles Ariamis. This is important in that Dark Souls is the type of game that is every bit as much about its environment and setting, as it is the combat and dying over and over. So without any further ado, scope the footage below for all that Dark Souls goodness.