Metallica Pinball Detailed, Master of Puppets Edition Already Sold Out

After a teaser video released for the upcoming Metallica pinball machine took the normally pinball-indifferent mainstream gaming community by storm yesterday, a bunch of new details have surfaced today. Twelve Metallica songs will be included with the machines, including “Master of Puppets,” “One,” and “Fade to Black”. As per usual for Stern, three variants will be available include Pro, Premium and the “Master of Puppets” Limited Edition. No pricing has been announced, but Stern President, Gary Stern, announced on Facebook today that the Master of Puppets edition sold out within the first hour of it being announced:

“Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

Our US allocation for Metallica Master of Puppets has sold out within the
first hour of our detailed announcement. The export allocations are
selling out quickly. Working together we will have tremendous sales and
success with all versions of ths great Metallica game.

Gary Stern
Stern Pinball, Inc”

Bad news if you own an arcade, but good news if you have an arcade (or most likely movie theater/steak and skeeball restaurant/putt putt course) nearby as odds have increased you get your hands on this master of metal balls. To whet your appetite in the meantime, a bunch of pics of the different tables were released, as seen below: