Pre-orders Now Open for Starbound

Starbound, developed by Chucklefish, has been generating a lot of buzz because it plays similarly to Minecraft and Terraria — but in space! The story begins with players escaping their planet just as it’s destroyed by an unknown enemy force. You float through space with no guidance before making contact with an abandoned space station. This becomes your new home and base of operations with unlimited potential. Once inside you’ll need to recruit a crew in order to assist in research, capture creatures or even produce a lab full of mechs.


After all the introductions are out of the way, comes a feature with endless opportunity. Explore the depths of space and discover new planets. As you visit them, you’ll notice no two planets are alike. The content is endless! Every object in the world, even trees and flowers, can be examined for a description. After awhile, you’ll be able to claim a new planet as your own. When we say your planet, we really mean your planet. You’ll be in control of everything from weather to gravity to terrain. It starts as a sandbox in space and ends up as a Sim-esque simulator.

If you’re interested, visit their homepage right here. By pre-ordering, you’ll directly fund the game’s development and even receive awards. Backers have already donated over $60,000 and it opened just under a day ago. And a beta version is on the way this year. You can be a part of launch that’s already being considered an awesome adventure.