Road Rash Homage Road Redemption Seeks Support on Kickstarter

If you grew up loving the Road Rash series on the Genesis, Road Redemption might be something you’re interested in kicking a few bucks into. The devs aim to make something in line with the original series, so those fearing something like Road Rash 64 don’t need to worry too much. The usual array of weapons from that franchise will be here, as well as some new things like a gun and sledgehammer. A gun makes some sense, although I’m not sure why someone would risk a murder charge in a race on public roads for a fairly small amount of money. The sledgehammer’s another oddity because how on Earth could you ride AND bonk someone with it? Enough logical issues, let’s get down to business here. The goal is to raise $160,000 in a month, and if that happens, it’ll see release on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Stretch goals include console releases, and possibly even something for the Oculus Rift although specific amounts needed to achieve these haven’t been revealed yet.

$2 is the minimum to support the game, and gets you forum access and monthly developer documents, $15 gets you the game and those, while $20 gets you all of that, access to an open beta, and your name in the game’s hall of fame menu.  That’s probably the best overall value for digital fans, but those seeking physical copies  of things can spend $47 for the game on DVD, or $50 for a T-shirt and all prior digital rewards, or spend $65 to get all digital rewards, the shirt, and a signed copy of the game.  As a big Road Rash fan, this is an interesting project and seems like something worth throwing at least $20 at to get the game and an in-game credit for helping support its creation.