Steam Weekend Sale Drops Dishonored And Farming Simulator 2013 by 50%

The games in this week’s Steam weekend sale couldn’t be less similar. On one hand, you’ve got the highly-acclaimed first-person adventure Dishonored, and in the other, Farming Simulator 2013. Dishonored will set you back $30, while the farming sim will only cost you $14. Each game involves using sharp things – just for different purposes. If you’re more in the mood to kill with them, then give Dishonored a shot, and if you’d rather cut virtual grass with them, then try out Farming Simulator 2013. I’m not sure if this is the lowest price offered for that game, but I can’t recall Dishonored being much lower than $30 – perhaps it hit $25 during the big Steam sale a month or so ago. It’s an excellent game and well worth the $30 price if you’ve got a powerful enough computer to run it.