Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Costume Pack Caters to an Odd Crowd

While the quality of DLC is often hard to predict, the folks behind Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 have done us a favor by making their latest batch of DLC so abysmal looking that there is no mistaking it as anything other than a waste of cash. The game itself has 101 playable characters, making it one of the most impressively enormous rosters ever found in a fighting game. What a game with this amount of variety desperately calls for is fractionally more variety in the form of a handful of costumes for a couple of the characters. Luckily, NAMCO BANDAI realized this need and has released a costume pack containing six outfits for the titular character Naruto and one for Sasuke. The pack will cost you three dollars, or roughly 45 cents per costume that will be usable by less than one fiftieth of the entire roster. Or to put it another way, the costume pack is overpriced by roughly three dollars.

The weirder thing is the assortment of costumes they decided to include. Sasuke gets a Napoleon costume, presumably because they were afraid their audience wouldn’t recognize a Pol Pot outfit. Naruto’s costumes start off fairly normal, and you get both an expected cowboy and pirate variant. The kimono costume is also fairly normal, even if it does make it look like Naruto is fighting in his bath robe. But then you have the matador, German lederhosen, and gondolier costumes, and suddenly they start catering to fan bases that can’t possible exist. I can’t imagine there is enough of an overlap between fans of Naruto video games and fans of people rowing others around in tiny boats for anyone to have been clamoring for a gondolier costume. The good news is that they have also announced an upcoming Hello Kitty outfit for Sakura, so if you were holding out for that your wait is almost over. Feel free to check out the latest batch of screenshots showing off all the new costumes below. Now, you can see what they look like, laugh at them, and not even have to waste three dollars.