Guild001 Collection eShop Games Sale Starting April 18

The Guild001 collection in Japan was split up into three separate releases over the past six months on the 3DS’s eShop, with Liberation Maiden providing one of the best-looking games on the system, and delivering an excellent shooting experience. Aero Porter was a crazy-fast paced airline-puzzle game, and Crimson Shroud was a throwback to tabletop RPGs with excellent music. Starting on April 18 and going through May 30, they’ll all be on sale. Liberation Maiden will be $5 down from $8, while Aero Porter will be $3 down from $5, and the most recent game, Crimson Shroud, will be $5 from $8. Of those, Liberation is the one that screams “must buy”, because it’s the best overall game in the collection, while Crimson Shroud is recommended at that price if you’re an RPG buff, and has an excellent soundtrack. At $3, Aero Porter is a maybe given how frustrating the game becomes fairly early on, and it’s easily the odd man out in the collection.