Company Of Heroes 2 Dish Out Big Guns Despite Company Change

There have been plenty of IP losses following the tragedy of THQ’s ship being sunk into an ocean of bankruptcy. However, SEGA has helped Relic Entertainment stay afloat and will now be sole providers for the Company of Heroes franchise.

Back now with another rendition of the military based real-time strategy PC spectacle, SEGA has announced today that they’ll also be offering a Digital Collector’s Edition for Company of Heroes 2 for those anxious in preordering before it’s release date.

This special version of the game comes with an extra edge in the multiplayer aspect of the game, which includes 24 additional vehicle skins and a Soviet Commander class. The collector’s edition is also set to come with a badge implemented on the faceplate as well as a code pass that will unlock even more Commander classes in multiplayer.

Gamers looking to travel back in the franchise before looking into the future will be able to do so with the collector’s edition, as the full game and two expansive packs for the original Company of Heroes.

Set in 1941, Company of Heroes 2 will throw players into the frying pan of World War II and will be tasked in leading the Soviet Union Army as they fight back against the force of Nazi Germany. Being a real-time strategy game, every players move will count and such moves will determine whether these battles prove successful.

Those itching to head into the frontlines will have to wait a little longer, however. Company of Hereoes 2 is set to drop on July 25. Pre-orders for the collector’s edition and the regular version the game are available at retailers. All pre-orders will come exclusively with “Theatre of War” mini-pack as well as two Commander classes for the multiplayer.