New Mars War Logs Trailer Gives Overview of Features, Shows New Gameplay Footage

Mars War Logs is not your run-of-the-mill downloadable title, but a fully immersive RPG, the visuals of which rival retail releases. It’s set on Mars one century after a great upheaval that isolated the planet’s settlers from Earth. Where spice was the MacGuffin in Dune and air the same for Total Recall, War Logs concerns the endless wars over the control of water distribution. Players take on the role of Roy Temperence, a grim war prisoner, when the arrival of a young man offers the perfect opportunity to escape. Throughout the game, Technomancers will be fought and players will have the choice over every aspect of the game, including skills, feats, answers in dialogs, companion behavior and equipment.

A overview trailer with the above details was released that highlights new gameplay footage narrated by developer Spiders Studio’s CEO, Jehanne Rousseau (who has a thick accent, so don’t be afraid to turn closed captioning on). The game is due out for XBLA, PSN and PC “very soon”.