Among the Sleep Kickstarter Begins

Among the Sleep was announced last May with a trailer that earned every bit of the heavy attention it received.  You play as a 2-year-old who’s escaped from his crib while strange and terrifying things wander through the house, and only the comfort of mommy and daddy will make it right.  The trailer was dark, atmospheric, more than a little worrying, and easily became one of the more anticipated indies at the time.  Then it went quiet for eleven months.

Now Among the Sleep is on Kickstarter with a year’s development under its belt, and while progress has been made it would be nice if the developers didn’t have to divide their attention between their game and paying work necessary not to starve one the streets while coding out of a cardboard box.  This is why we have a Kickstarter, though, so today Krillbyte Studioslaunched the campaign to get Among the Sleep properly funded.  It’s off to a solid start, pulling in a good percentage of its $200,000 goal in less than a day, but there’s a long way to go to see the finish line.  Grab your teddy bear, put on your footy pajamas, and wander over to check it out.  The terror of the unknown has never been seen from such an adorable angle, and that’s got to be worth a look.