More Details Come to Light on “New-two”

Official news source CoroCoro Comics has shed some light on “New-two”‘s identity. The monster, referred to by Nintendo of America as “A New Pokémon”, has turned out to simply be a new forme of Mewtwo. Fans are calling it Mewtwo’s Eclair Forme, an unofficial name coined by unofficial sources. The word eclair is of French origin, which means ‘light up’ or ‘lightning’. Pokémon X & Y will take place in a region based on Europe, so it’s easy to see why the name is thought to be official. Thankfully, CoroCoro has not revealed the name of Mewtwo’s new forme, so we have to wait on dessert references.

CoroCoro has, however, mentioned “Mewtwo’s awakening” while discussing its new forme. Fans are speculating Mewtwo’s new look to be called “Awakening Forme”. Perhaps this is in reference to the new Pokémon movie, ‘ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens’. This is the 16th Pokémon movie due for release this July in Japan. Mewtwo’s new forme will have a role in the film, and it must be prominent; because his new forme has already replaced the old Mewtwo we know and love on the official movie posters!

Additionally, Nintendo of America has posted a video on their Pokémon Youtube channel which depicts Mewtwo tranforming. It is unclear what the source of the footage is from, but the subtext suggests it may be a cutscene from Pokémon X & Y. Because of all this new information, it is assumed a new forme of an old Pokémon will cut down on chances of brand new Pokémon. Still waiting on details for Sylveon too.