No Real Wrong Choice With the Deadpool Pre-Order Bonuses

You know superheros are big business when even Deadpool ends up getting his own game. While I was always a fan of the comics, he never was exactly an A-list member of the Marvel Universe. However, this June the Merc with a Mouth is going to become the Merc with a Game as Deadpool will receive top billing in his very own game, appropriately titled Deadpool. The game will be released for Xbox 360 and PS3 at the bargain price of $49.99, and for the PC at the even more appetizing price point of $39.99. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve already begun hyping the game with the recent announcement of pre-order bonuses.

Both Amazon and GameStop/EBGames are offering different bonuses that are likely to cater to slightly different crowds. The GameStop bonus is more about the game itself, offering two unique maps to the Deadpool challenge mode and two bonus costumes that can be used in Infinite mode. It also includes some pretty epic digital wallpaper showing Deadpool riding a unicorn for those savvy consumers that only buy games that come with unicorn wallpaper. Amazon instead opts to provide you with a five dollar credit towards select graphic novels, which is a pretty nice incentive for a game that is likely to bring out the comic book aficionados. Amazon will also provide you with an exclusive digital coversleeve and a romantic digital wallpaper showing Deadpool reclining in front of a fire, trying his hardest to seduce you. No, I’m absolutely not making that last part up. Check out the pre-order bonuses at the end of the post, but don’t be surprised if clicking on the image causes your computer to spontaneously start playing some Marvin Gaye.

While both of these are nice, neither really is enough to excite anyone who wasn’t already interested in the game. They really aren’t a selling point in and off themselves, so we’ll just have to keep our eyes open for more information on the game itself as it draws closer to its June 25 release.