Pandora’s Tower Developer Has Wii U on the Mind

Pandora’s Tower was just released here in North America on Tuesday, and thus far reception from fans and critics alike has been positive. While we will have our own review up of the game in the coming days, developer Ganbarion is already talking up ideas for an RPG experience on Nintendo’s shiny new Wii U. He had this to say about the issue:

The Wii U is a unique console with exciting features such as the GamePad. We’re currently thinking of fun ideas using these features. For example, we’re thinking of a gameplay idea that uses two screens from different perspectives, like a tabletop RPG, where players could potentially give each other objectives and progress through the game. Or like with Miiverse, where players can share their gameplay experiences easily, we were thinking of a game that focuses on communication.

But regardless of any ideas that we could potentially realize, as a developer we need to focus on how welcoming it is to the players. We took this approach when we were originally only going to use one Wii Remote for Pandora’s Tower. As a developer, we are very interested in challenging ourselves with new hardware, and we hope that everyone will look forward to our next project.

So there you have it; looks like some J-RPG goodness could be in the Wii U’s future.