The Indie Gala Mass Effect Bundle Launches

The Indie Gala folks are back with quite a surprising bundle. For one cent, you can get Rebuild – a sim-style game, while $1 gets you that as well as the multi-player action-platformer Kill Fun Yeah, the overhead exploration game Shadow Grounds, the self-explanatory Zombie Driver HD, and a mystery game next week. Spend $5.80 to get those games, as well as the shoot-em-up Gimbal, Shank 2, Mass Effect 2, ZDHD’s DLC and OST, as well as a second mystery game that will unlock next week. It’s hard to not recommend a bundle that gives you so much diversity, although this bundle is hurt a bit by including the second installments of Shank and Mass Effect and not the first. While the former loses basically nothing due to it being a killing spree no matter what, ME 2 was meant to be part of a trilogy, and makes for an odd starting point as a result.