THQ’s Remaining IP Closer to Finding a New Home

While a decent portion of THQ’s franchises have already been sold off, there were still some fairly big names looking for a home. Luckily it looks like the rest of THQ’s remaining properties are finally out of limbo. The court supervised auction of the last remaining intellectual property recently closed, and Darksiders, Red Faction, and other big THQ properties (like All Star Cheer Squad) will most likely have new owners once the final offers receive court approval. Joystiq is reporting that final results of the auction will not be reported until Monday, but what is known is that 17 total bids were received and THQ should receive between $6 and $7 million for the remaining IP.

The winners might not be known yet, but we are aware of one of the losers. teamPixel had expressed interest in obtaining the Homeworld license and had even started a successful Kickstarter in an attempt to raise enough money to purchase the rights. They had raised over $58,000, but they ultimately lost out to an unnamed bidder. All is not lost, however, as not only has teamPixel announced full refunds for everyone that supported them, but each of their backers will receive a special credit in their upcoming space RTS game which is totally different and in no way similar to the space RTS game franchise they were just outbid on. The actual winner of the Homeworld license and the other IP should be announced within the next couple of weeks, and we’ll keep you updated as more announcements are made.