Free Soul Calibur: BD and Massive RE Sales Highlight Tomorrow’s PS Store Update

Sony has announced tomorrow’s heavy-hitters for the PS Store update. The most notable deals include Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny on the PSP, featuring Kratos as a playable character, being a freebie for Vita (and PSP) owners . It’s an excellent fighting game and despite its age and creation on older hardware, still looks pretty good for a portable fighter. Thomas Was Alone hits consoles with a Cross-Buy release for $8. This co-op platformer is outstanding, and definitely worth getting at $4 for each version of the game.

There’s also a huge RE series sale that realistically eclipses the one done during Halloween of either last year or 2011 since it doesn’t make things totally free, and instead lets you keep games forever at a super-low price. Resident Evil: Director’s Cut is $3.50, while RE 2 and RE 3: Nemesis have the strange price of $2.09 each. Newer entries include Code Veronica X for $9.79, RE 5 Gold and RE 6 for $14.69 (insert teenage chuckle here) each. The most expensive offering is RE: Operation Raccoon City at $19.59, while both the Darkside and Umbrella Chronicles are $7.34 each.