This is How Splinter Cell Blacklist Plays on the Wii U

It has been over six years since the Splinter Cell brand last showed up on a Nintendo platform, but that run will soon be over. The Wii U will be receiving the next highly anticipated installment into the Splinter Cell franchise (Blacklist) and will come with a number of unique features not seen on any other platform thanks to the GamePad.

Weapon switching, marking targets, looking through a sticky camera, trirotor drone control and much more, the Wii U’s gamepad looks to offer a variety of quick and interesting ways to play Splinter Cell Blacklist. I think the sticky cam is definitely the best out of those options as it will allow you to move forward while spying on a second screen from time to time. Splinter Cell Blacklist will hit the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC and Wii U platforms on August 20, 2013.