PS Store Update Goes Live

This week’s PlayStation Store update is active, and beyond a ton of RE deals and a free Soul Calibur PSP game, it also brings with it the PS2 classic Fire Pro Wrestling Returns. FPR is one of the best wrestling games ever and despite being released nearly six years ago in North America, remains an active part of my gaming library. It comes with hundreds of playable characters by default from both pro wrestling and MMA, and allows you to make your own characters as well. So if you’ve ever dreamed of having Ronda Rousey fight Spider-Man, this is the game for you.

Beyond those things, Soul Calibur V hits the PS Store for only $20, while day one digital brings with it Dead Island Riptide, Star Trek, and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. God Mode finally hits the PS3 for $10, while Thomas Was Alone is a cross-buy release for the PS3 and Vita. The Vita also gets Draw Slasher for $6 and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R (give or take a super, turbo, special champion edition, and 64). Black Rock Shooter: the Game hits for $20 on the PSP. The PSP also gets quite a few price changes, with a ton of games getting dropped to $8, while Wipeout Pulse’s price drops to $15.