World of Tanks 8.5 Update Released, Adds Tanks & New Battle Arena

Wargaming has released the notable 8.5 update to massive multiplayer online tank game, World of Tanks. The update expands the German and Soviet tech tress, introduces a new battle arena (Pearl River) and visual overhauls to three maps. Additionally, the in-game economy has been enriched to allow players to purchase all premium consumables with credits. Out today in Europe, the update will go live a day later in the US and Southeast Asia, followed by South Korea on May 7.

The German tech tree sees the addition of medium tanks, such as the Tier X Leopard, while the Soviet tree gets three new light tanks.

To commemorate the release, Wargaming will host a one hour live stream with World of Warplanes Producer, Joshua Morris, and Community Manager, Major Rampage, who will walk through 8.5’s updates. The stream will take place tomorrow, April 25, from 4-5 PM PDT and can be seen here.

In the meantime, check out the release trailer below.