Steam Rockstar Weekend Slashes Prices

If you’re in the mood for pretty much everything Rockstar has made over the past decade or so, you’ll want to pay attention to Steam. They’ve got a 4 pack including GTA IV Complete, LA Noire, and Max Payne 3 for $30, while LA Noire’s base game is $5 and the Complete Edition is $7.50. There’s also a GTA pack with every GTA game except for the London: 1969 expansion for $25, while just GTA IV Complete is $15. Fans craving just the PS2-gen stuff may want San Andreas at $7.50 or Vice City at $5. Max Payne 3 is $20, while its Rockstar pass is $15. A bundle of the first two MP games is $7.50, which is $2.50 than buying each on their own. Manhunt, recently profiled here, is $5, while Midnight Club 2 is $5 as well, and Bully: Scholarship Edition is $7.50. These prices are in effect now and are good until Monday, so get to buying!