Dragon’s Crown Wouldn’t Be a Fantasy Game Without An Elf

The upcoming Vanillaware-developed fantasy side scroller, Dragon’s Crown, has many unique and overly emphasized characters (at least artistically), and this week we get a look at the Elf. She may be smaller than all the rest, but don’t be fooled by her physique; her arms have to be incredibly powerful to constantly let off arrows in such quick session. She is both a deadly presence in close quarters and from a far.

No matter the game, if there’s the option for a bow’n arrow user, I’m going to take it. Same goes with playing cooperative shooters and taking a sniper rifle; there’s just something about the long distance that appeals to me. Mix in some magic abilities and you have one deadly archer. Dragon’s Crown will be out on August 6 here in North America with a Japanese release on July 25.