DayZ Alpha Set For June Release

The enormously popular DayZ’s alpha has been revealed to be set for a June release by lead designer Dean “Rocket” Hall during a packed out Q and A session in this year’s PAX hall. Starting out as a mod for Arma II DayZ was one of last year’s biggest games period and the announcement will no doubt have fans waiting with baited breath to get their hands on the game.  Answering pretty much every question thrown at him, Hall revealed a lot of details that he plans to feature in the game, including a new radio communication system as well as the brand new inventory system. However Hall also stated that we’ll all have to wait until September at least to access many of the features that he plans to release including the release of vehicles but from the looks of things, Hall and co won’t be disappointing gamers come release day.

You can continue to follow the progress of the creation of DayZ at their official Tumblr.