OUYA Exclusive ‘Soul Fjord’ Coming from Airtight Games

OUYA’s blog announced today that Kim Swift and the rest of the folks at Airtight Games are creating a game called Soul Fjord exclusively for the console. It’s a randomly-generated dungeon-crawler with rhythm-based combat and a ’70s soul/funk vibe to it. There wasn’t much really shown in the trailer other than character designs and a wacky retro vibe, so nothing’s known about the release date or price point for the full game.

The developer diary goes into Kim Swift’s history with Valve, and her work on Portal. The team talks about the origins for the game being due to them not being able to choose between a game on Norse myhology and the ’70s, so they just combined them. So far, it looks like a project with a lot of passion behind it, and something that may help sell some systems to folks who love the indie gaming scene.