Ryo Hazuki Statues Now Available For Pre-order

If you’re a fan of Lucky Hit, or would like to spend your days looking for a black car, or perhaps really love the Shenmue series, you may want to get a Ryo Hazuki statue. There are two versions available – a basic one where he stands on a road, and an exclusive version where he stands upon the Phoenix Mirror. That really can’t be good for the shine of that bad-boy, and what if he slips? He could easily crack it and then boom — his search was for naught. Either way, the statue looks really good, with a ton of detail — the norm for First4Figures.

The basic version costs $170, while the exclusive version costs $150. That version will be limited to 350, while the basic one will have 750 made. Anyone with some extra money and a love for Shenmue might want to pick this up – perhaps if it sells out quickly, it will show Sega that there’s still some interest in the Shenmue IP despite a decade of doing next to nothing with it.