Bundle Stars Bundle 7 – Indie Jam Released

The Bundle Stars bundles have been pleasantly surprising recently, and while this doesn’t have a slew of AAA-level games, everything in it looks solid. Shattered Horizon is an FPS with a huge twist – you’re flying through space. Also, going through corridors, but seriously, it’s a zero-g FPS. Nuclear Dawn is a stealth-ish FPS, while Two Worlds II is more for RTS fans. Planets Under Attack has giant circles full of things doing things to other giant circles with things, but it’s impossible to tell just what kind of game it is based on gameplay footage. It’s got a neon-heavy color scheme, so if you’ve finished Blood Dragon and have a thing for that right now, maybe you’ll dig it. Astonishingly, Iron Grip isn’t about a massage parlor, but is instead a wartime FPS.

Holy Avatar’s trailer is incredible, and features “mildly attractive zombie women”. Squick. It’s got some cel shading, and RPG action, with some impressive graphics and man is its trailer great. Ion Assault is a crazy-fast shooter that might have twin stick controls, while X-Blades is a fine, but not amazing action game with a really sweet art style. Everything in the bundle is supported on Steam except for Holy Avatar, which is at the greenlight phase as the trailer notes, and is available on Desura. For a bit over $5, it seems like this bundle may be worth getting just for Shattered Horizon, Ion Assault, and Planets Under Attack – even if it is just to see what kind of game it actually is.