Mini Motor Racing Evo Released on Steam — 20% Off For Early Buyers

If you loved 3/4 overhead action racers like RC Pro Am or the Micro Machines game back in the day, or more modern takes on the genre like RC De Go! or Little Racers Street, you’ll probably enjoy Mini Motor Racing Evo. The visuals look quite good, with a lot of neon at night, and a sweet-looking Portal-inspired stage. The regular price is $10, but if you buy it during its first week of availability, you can get 20% off, taking it down to only $8. The game supports Steam Workshop, enabling player-created content, and the Steam version features the aforemantioned Portal 2 track and one inspired by Team Fortress 2. As long as the controls are solid and the action is fast, but not too fast, this seems like a fine way to spend $8.