Video Game Story Bundle Lets You Pay What You Want For Gaming Ebooks

The Story Bundle has launched, and gives you six books for as little as $3, with three bonus books unlocking if you spend $10. The books included for $3 include The Making of Karateka by Jordan Mechner, Kill Screen Issues 2 and 6, Confessions of the Game Doctor by the late Bill Kunkel. That book cost me about $25 about a year or so ago, but was a fascinating read by someone who wasn’t just a big deal in gaming journalism, but also a noted pro wrestling writer with the Pro Wrestling Torch newsletter. Constellation Games by Leonard Richardson, Killing is Harmless by Brendan Keogh, and Generation Xbox by Jamie Russell. Bonus books include Mechner’s Making of Prince of Persia, which I’ve had as a Kindle book for a while and enjoyed my time with it, Videogames: in the Beginning by Ralph Baer, and 250 Indie Games You Must Play by Mike Rose.