Tank! Tank! Tank! Now Free to Download on Wii U

The third-person action party game, TANK! TANK! TANK! has gone from costing $50 at retail and via download to being a totally free download in North America. The game has never been seen as a top-shelf experience, but the consensus is that there’s at least some fun to be had. It takes up about 1.5 GB space on the system’s internal memory, external hard drive, or whatever your storage device of choice is for the console. With the Virtual Console launching last week for the system, the super-discounts on “trial” VC games for a limited time, and this, it’s clear that Nintendo is trying to offer up as many incentives as possible for people who own the console to feel like they haven’t wasted their money. Whether or not these decisions help with buyer’s remorse is up to each person, but seeing them try to do at least something to engender goodwill is a positive sign, as opposed to them just force-feeding something to people.