The Witch and the Hundred Knights Gets Knighted with a Collector’s Edition

Nippon Ichi is set to have a strong year. Currently they have Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness, Time and Eternity, The Guided Fate Paradox and The Witch and the Hundred Knights all lined up for release within the next few months. And it’s that last game that’s getting our attention today. The famed Japanese developer released details earlier this week on its upcoming collector’s edition of The Witch and the Hundred Knights. Aside from just our general affinity for these types of things, this packaging is looking to step up its game, no pun intended.

This limited edition will include a 44-page hardcover visual book, a Metallica Nendoroid Petit figurine and a two-disc soundtrack. The limited edition set will cost 10,290 yen, which isn’t too bad for all those lovely goodies. This collection will certainly appeal to the more hardcore gamers out there, and considering that’s our name, we thought you all would find this bit of information particularly tantalizing. It’s also important to note that it’s unlikely the title will earn itself a premium edition here in the States, so this might be the only chance to get in on the goodness.

Nevertheless, be sure to pick up a copy of the game when it releases in Japan this summer on PlayStation 3, or in North America for its rumored (read: no confirmed) March 2014 release date.